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Congratulations to Susan Gay - ALA Volunteer of the Year!

ALA Nutmeg Chapter is pleased to share that Susan Gay has been selected as the ALA International Volunteer of the Year! Susan has been a member of both ALA International and ALA Nutmeg Chapter since 2000. She has held numerous positions with the Nutmeg Chapter's Executive Board, including President. Additionally, Susan has volunteered for numerous International committees and was awarded the Region 1 Outstanding Volunteer Award in November of 2014. Susan currently serves as co-chair of the Nutmeg Chapter's Education Committee and 40th Anniversary Celebration. Congratulations Susan! 

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  1. Michael R. Orce

    Apr. 23, 2021

    Good job, Susan! Truly deserving.

  2. Stacy Joyce

    Apr. 23, 2021

    Susan Gay should be given this award every year! It's hard to think of a more worthy recipient. Congratulations, Susan!